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 Welcome to TSUDAU SUISAN CO., LTD.  We have Facility Registration completed toward countries such as "Vietnam", "Indonessia", "Thailand", "Kingdom of Saudi Arabia" (China is currently on hold).  We are capable of expanding our facility registration accordingly, depending on the request from the potential buyers and exporters.  Feel free to contact us (sales@tsudausuisan.com) to cultivate new markets other than the listed countries above.

 The purpose of this global introduction page is for you to have access to proper information and/or contact mainly toward the professional buyers who are looking for the right Japanese sea-farmers to purchase from as well as a Japanese company who is capable of exporting their own Sashimi Grade Japanese Oysters, Salmon and Whitebaits directly out to the world.

One of the examples of our BtoC approach is to run our own restaurant where we offer finest seafood of TSUDAU in, and also sell our oen seafood products.  We also have an EC site for the domestic fans to directly purchase from.  Because not a lot of sea-farmers are "directly" into "international BtoB", we are taking a step ahead by forming an internationally friendly team to comminucate with you at your disposal.

TSUDAU is not only a sea-farmer but also a frozen food processor.  Owning both teams of a fisherman as well as a HACCP managed food processing team for fresh Sashimi Grade seafood and high-speed frozen food, we are capable of offering you a direct BtoB or BtoC to meet the demand.

Many kinds of seafood, mainly our oyster (both diploid and triploid), salmon, and whitebait dishes are cooked and served at our restaurant division.  Aside from our own seafood that we aquaculture, we purchase fresh seafood of Murotsu Bay every morning from the Murotsu Fish Port which is only open for the local sea farmers.




Below is a quick list of product that we offer.  The minimum purchase lot is negotiable depending on the reason, situation, and future forecast of the business partnership.

1) Chilled, Full Shell (Diploid, Self-Aquacultured)
2) Chilled, Full Shell (Triploid, Self-Aquacultured)
3) Frozen, Full Shell (Deploid, Self-Aquacultured)
4) Frozen, Full Shell (Triploid, Self-Aquacultured)
5) Frozen, Half Shell  (Diploid, Self-Aquacultured)
6) Frozen, Half Shell  (Triploid, Self-Aquacultured)

7) Frozen, TSUDAU Salmon 
8) Chilled, TSUDAU Salmon 
9) Frozen, TSUDAU Seafood (Accordingly)
10) Chilled, TSUDAU Seafood (Accordingly)



The richness and the cleaniness of the Japanese Seto-Inland Sea, Murotsu Bay, allow us to grow both triploid and deploid oysters significantly faster than most of the other regions around the globe.  As a result, it takes less than 1 year before both the oysters are ready to eat:  We call them, 1 YEAR OYSTERS.

Our oysters are not just fast to grow but also safe and clean enough to eat Sashimi Grade, which is appreciated by a lot of high-end restaurants and the buyers.  Since the oysters are so young and fresh, the size of each is not gigantic but a palm full on a hand.  That said, the weigh of the meat inside is 30 to 40% of the whole weight of the oyster in average.

The taste our oysters is also unique.  The oysters have little unpleasant bitterness of the oysters, yet they are very creamy.  The tendency of this character is similar to eating a sirloin of a young cow rather than an old cow, if you will.

If you are looking for a meaty high-end oysters who appreciate the transparent, less bitterness, creamy taste of the precious Japanese oysters, then we are for you.

1) Diploid Oyster Size
   S   | M  | L  | 2L | 3L 

2) Triploid Oyster Size 

   S  | M  | L  | 2L 

3) TSUDAU Salmon Trim Levels

   TRIM-C (w/ Scale)

We are flexible to discuss for further trim levels based on the needs. 



Owning more than 13 ships, we currently aquaculture and produce over 15 million oysters per year (Expandable), 10K Salmon, and fish over 10 tons of whitebaits etc.  The TSUDAU HACCP Controled Freezer Production Line, which is located right next to our own harbor, which allow us to freeze the seafood that arrive at our harbor to maintain it's freshness and taste:  Both being a fisherman as well as a food freezing factory owner is what makes us so unique in Japan.

Before the oysters from the ocean go into the freezing process, the products are cleaned (UV and/or Hypocrolite Water, etc), and checked by ourselves to ensure safety of the product, needless to say. 

Once the products (oysters, salmon, whitebaits etc) are frozen, they are ready to be exported in a RF container (40ft or 20ft), ocean freight.  On the otherhand, the chilled oysters are packed and shipped by Air Freight directly to the designated location.  All of our fresh and clean products, "TSUDAU OYSTERS®", "TSUDAU SALMON®", MUROTSU OYSTERS® ", and/or "TSUDAU WHITEBAITS®" can be served SASHIMI GRADE in your countries thanks to the freezing technology.

note) for Chilled Oysters, it is ideal that the designated location is close to the International HUB airports.

Last but not least, Official Export Licenses are declared and approved accordingly.

TSUDAU is both a FISHERMAN and a FOOD PROCESS COMPANY of our own aquaculture/fishery business.  We are also capable of DTP discussion as well as graphics/images to assist the retailers (supermarkets etc) to expand their sales through our promotional backups.



TSUDAU is a group of 70+ workers, including departments such as Fishery, Corporate Management, Sales, Production Control, Quality Control, Production, Restaurant, General Affairs and Finance.

The fishery business started back in 1920's and the business has grown to a stage where we claim ourselves as one of the largest oyster suppliers as a fisherman who aquaculture, process, pack, and ship out all by ourselves.  There are three benefits for doing so.  One is the fact that we know what we are selling because we know about the products from the start to finish, and two is the fact that the cost we chartge is minimum because there are no other companies who are invlolved to take their margine, and three is the fact that because we go into a long term business relationship with our partners, we are able to work closely to control the production of the product to best suit your demand / supply for the year.


TSUDAU issue an original cirtificate to the overseas partners to ensure the origin of the product.  It is important for us to work hand in hand with the importers to distribute to the market with a proper, safe, quality seafood with the TSUDAU Brand.


CONTACT (English / Japanese) |

Feel free to contact an English devision below for inquiry.  The businee hours is Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm Tokyo Time.

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